Biblical names with dark meanings male Bless – holiness. Mayra. . Jason. Meaning: First daughter. . Jericho — An ancient city in Israel, this name is associated with the Hebrew word yareach which means “moon. . ”. Other dark girl names earn their cloudy connection through their meanings. From Aaron to Zechariah, there are countless biblical boy. Kaheliki is another name for boys in Hawaiian culture that implies ‘the thunder’ and was the name. Adon God or Lord. Sep 14, 2023 · 1. Abel – A Breath. Azriel. It has a Hebrew origin and it means God is my strength. Amari is a lyrical baby girl name that signifies 'possesses great strength. ’. . ”. ← Previous. Aite (Greek origin) - She's the goddess of misfortune, ruin, mischief, and delusion. . Abbess makes a good name for a bossy or alpha female dog. ”. 144. Byron. Koa (koh-uh) is a cute boy’s name meaning “brave, bold or fearless. Abner – Father of Light. More unique finds include Angus meaning “one strength” and Arsenio meaning “virile. Balam, a fallen angel whose appearance is very much like that of Asmoday, with the only notable exception being his serpent tail. Baby names meaning dark can convey various positive meanings. A thoughtful Egyptian name which means “beautiful”. Duri - two. Baal-hanan. . Adonias God or Lord. Ken is a famous masculine name with multiple origins and meanings to it. However, like other cool surnames, Delaney is now used as a given name for girls and, in some cases, boys. 19. . Haneul - heaven. .
The meaning behind a name of a fictional character sometimes is crucial for the character. Casmir, derived from Kazimierz, signifies a 'peacekeeper. Keith - One of the most popular Christian baby boy names, it means spontaneous 75. Caliban Caliban, Romanian for “black”, has a nice ring to it for a strong baby boy. She was John the Baptist's mother and Mary's cousin. May 5, 2023 · Here are a few beautiful names for your male and female names' selection. — Blagdan is a name that means “one from the dark valley. 7. These modern boy names are a good pick if you want something unique and strong. For those of you who want a biblical name that is still on trend today, the top biblical boy’s names in the U. 88. She was John the Baptist's mother and Mary's cousin. 13. Chin Sun. . . . Dinu. Abbess: Female head of nuns. Edouard – wealthy guardian, French version of Edward. Boy. ”. Balor: Meaning “the deadly. Byeong-ho - bright and great. Kaheliki is another name for boys in Hawaiian culture that implies ‘the thunder’ and was the name. Ebony: This nature name, of English origin, comes from a tree whose wood is dark and dense. Rayan is popular in the Middle East and North Africa, where it’s even used for girls sometimes. Meaning: “little fire” - Originating from the old Irish name Aodhán, Aiden offers a hint of charm while being among the top powerful boy names out there. The Latin word Pascha, meaning “Easter” was taken from the Hebrew פֶּסַח, or Pesach, meaning “Passover.

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